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If you have ever seen Will Ferrell and Chad Smith, the drummer for the Chili Peppers, they look a lot alike...a lot.  Jimmy Fallon was the first person to ever get them in the same room together and an epic drum battle broke out.  It has a conclusion I didn't see coming.  Enjoy.




Back in 1987 The Replacements were close to releasing their 5th album "Pleased To Meet Me", so they were invited to play on SNL. Seemed like a good idea...right? Well, that's not how it turned out. If anyone knows anything about The Mat, they know they back then they were what one would call "Drinkers". So why would that night be like any other? It wouldn't. It started when they were picked up in a limo with a fully stocked bar...then a fully stocked dressing room....then ordering more liquor once they ran out. Even the shows host that night Harry Dean Stanton proceded to toss back a few with them...maybe more than a few actually. 

So by the time they took the stage to do their first song "Bastards Of Young", it's safe to say they were hammered. How did they sound? Well, that's subjective. I LOVED it!!! But I'm a Mats fan. Lorne Michaels did feel the same way. After they trashed the hotel room, part of the set, forgot some lyrics, swore on stage/on live TV, he had them banned from NBC. He even threatened to ban ALL Warner Bros. bands. Don't mess with Lorne!!! 

So after almost 30 years The Mats returned to NBC last night to play on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Sure I could have DVRed it and watched it today...but that's just not how I do things. I stayed up with some tasty beverages and watched live...and yes, yes it was great. Below I have videos from last night AND the SNL performance from years ago. Feel free to compare and contrast....but most important just enjoy it....They Did!!!

That's where we're riding by mmr421


The Dirty Heads are coming to the House of Blues with AER and Pepper on July 30th. Tickets go on sale Friday May 9th through

The Dirty Heads are also releasing a new album "Sound of Change" on July 9th. Check out a teaser from the album.

Finally, I 'll be talking to Jared "Dirty J " from the band this week, it will air Friday night so don't miss it!

    Hi Kids,

    Here is the playlist for tonight's Flight Test. Show starts at 10pm EST. So just turn down the volume of the Redskins game, turn up the radio and dig it!

    The Flight Test 8.11.14
    Around The World...Oceans Orange (Self Titled EP)

    Sisters...The Ravonettes (Pe'Ahi)

    Sunshine...Leanne Kingwell (Choking On Halos)

    East End Hollows...Braid (No Coast)

    Run and Run...The Psychedelic Furs (Forever Now)

    Make A Move...Stacy Clark (Symmetry)

    Wire Frame Mattress...The Wytches

    Coast To Coast To Coast...Gymnasium (Self Titled)

    Slow Knife...Roadkill Ghost Choir (In Tongues)

    Me Again...J Mascis (Tied To A Star)

    Traveling Eyes...Willis Earl Beal (Experiments In Time)

    So Many Losers...Hobart W Fink (Back and Forth Forever)


    Easy Money...Johnny Marr (Playground)

    1000 Seasons...The Rentals (Lost In Alphaville)

    Just One Of The Boys...Jenny Lewis (The Voyager)

    Busy Earlin'...Jungle (Self Titled)

    Wall Of Voodoo - Far Side Of Crazy (1985)
    Far Side Of Crazy
    Business Of Love
    Blackboard Sky

    Wide Open...RX Bandits

    Watch Me Walk Away...Kaleido

    Wait Wait Wait...Northern Face

    Would You Fight For My Love...Jack White (Lazaretto)

    Eyes That Say I Love You...Jarvis Cocker (Beck's Song Reader)

    Not The End Of The World...Faded Paper Figures (Relics)

    Oak Tree...Mirel Wagner (When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day)

    Human Cannonball Explodes...Uncontrollable (Leave Me Alone)
    Nick Oliveri's new band

    Black River...Wolf Gang (Title Track)

    Trying To Figure It Out...Royal Blood (Self Titled)

    My Name Is Love...Rob Dickinson (Fresh Wine For The Horses)