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New Old R.E.M.

Mar 06, 2013 -- 6:58pm


Well...Looks like time is creeping up on us and we are only getting older. Once again, R.E.M. is reissuing one of there older albums to celebrate it's 25th Anniversary. This time it's their 1988 album "Green". As they have been doing with the previous 4 albums they are adding a bonus disc from one of the concerts they did on the respective tour. The bonus disc this time was recorded near by in Greensboro, NC on Nov. 10, 1989. If you have seen their movie "Tour Film" a lot of that was taken from this show. But since only so much data on a CD they had to leave out a few songs from the concert. No worries...on Record Store Day coming up in April 20 (yeah...420) they will release a 5 song EP with a few of the songs that are left off the album.

Here is the full tracklisting:

R.E.M., 'Green'

Tracklist: R.E.M., Green: 25th Anniversary Edition

CD 1: Original Album
1. “Pop Song 89”
2. “Get Up”
3. “You Are The Everything”
4. “Stand”
5. “World Leader Pretend”
6. “The Wrong Child”
7. “Orange Crush”
8. “Turn You Inside Out”
9. “Hairshirt”
10. “I Remember California”
11. “Untitled”

CD 2: Live In Greensboro 1989
1. “Stand”
2. “The One I Love”
3. “Turn You Inside Out”
4. “Belong”
5. “Exhuming McCarthy”
6. “Good Advices”
7. “Orange Crush”
8. “Cuyahoga”
9. “These Days”
10. “World Leader Pretend”
11. “I Believe”
12. “Get Up”
13. “Life And How To Live It”
14. “Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
15. “Pop Song 89”
16. “Fall On Me”
17. “You Are The Everything”
18. “Begin The Begin”
19. “Low”
20. “Finest Worksong”
21. “Perfect Circle”

R.E.M., 'Live in Greensboro EP'

Tracklist: R.E.M., Live in Greensboro EP — Record Store Day Exclusive

1. “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)”
2. “Feeling Gravitys Pull”
3. “Strange”
4. “King of Birds”
5. “I Remember California”

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