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Violent Femmes play their 1st show in years at Coachella...and did all of their first album

Apr 15, 2013 -- 11:35am

After a 5 year break, Violent Femmes were back in action this past weekend at Coachella. Of course the Femmes and all of the other bands will do it all over again next weekend. But in case you can't make your way to the desert of is their set where they do their debut album straight through. 

1. “Blister in the Sun”
2. “Kiss Off”
3. “Please Do Not Go”
4. “Add It Up”
5. “Confessions”
6. “Prove My Love”
7. “Promise”
8. “To the Kill”
9. “Gone Daddy Gone”
10. “Good Feeling”
11. “Gimme the Car”
12. “I Held Her in My Arms”
13. “American Music”

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