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The Flight Test 1.7.2013

Jan 08, 2013 -- 3:28pm
What's up 2013?
I hope everyone had a good/painless/drama free holiday experience. Mine was pretty much all of those things...of course with a handful of exceptions, but nothing really to get into. 
I hope you managed to make it through your "pre-new year" without anyone saying "see ya next year...hahahaha"'s a little known fact that you are allowed by law to punch someone in the throat if they say that to you. Look it up. 
Looks like it's just 8 or so weeks until SXSW...yeah, I am getting pretty excited as I do every year around this time. Does anyone have a guess on what the "Big Secret Show" will be this year? 
Anyway...lot's of new stuff on the show last night. It's already shaping up to be a good year for the rock and/roll. 
Time for me to go to some real work now. 
The Flight Test 1.7.13
Forest Whitaker...Bad Books (Bad Books II)
Kevin Devine & Manchester Orchestra Super Group. In Columbia SC on 2/24
Inhaler...Foals (Single)
Anna...The Cribs (In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull)
F#*K You...Bad Religion (True North)
Out Jan. 22
Stay Away From Downtown...REDD KROSS (Researching The Blues)
Voted 2nd Coolest Song In The World at Little Steven's Underground Garage. 
Hippies Is Punks...WAAVES (Single)
My Kind Of Crazy...Beyond The Sun (Title Track)
Hide and Seek...Blondfire (Self Titled EP)
Grown Man Cry...Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra (Theater Is Evil)
Closer...Tegan & Sara (Hearttrob)
Out, Jan. 29
Up Against The Wall...Fiction Family (Reunion)
Warned You...The Nowherenauts (Title Track)
New Alphabet...Eels (Wonderful Glorious)
Out Feb. 5

Bigger Than Love...Benjamin Gibbard (Former Lives)
Sick Man Of Europe...Cheap Trick (The Latest)
Work Around It...Them Swoops (Single)

I Buy The Drugs...Electric Six (Switzerland)

Bjork...Homogenic (1997)
Alarm Call
Wicked Gil...Band Of Horses (Everything All The Time)

Dance With Me...Ra Ra Riot (Beta Love)
Like You Never...Trapdoor Social (Self Titled)
Party Clock...Thorcraft Cobra (Count It In)
2 piece band getting some help from members of SPARKS & Redd Kross
Harlem...New Politics (Single)
We No Who U R...Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Push The Sky Away)
Out Feb 18 and playing in Asheville NC on Sunday March 17. Fingers are crossed for a SXSW show. 
Death Of A Rude Boy...Madness (Live '12)
Download from their website...Google it...why wouldn't you Google it???
Sunset...The XX (Coexist)
In Asheville 1.30, Nashville 1.31 and Atlanta 2.2. 
Kettling...Bloc Party (Four)
Playing in Charlotte on 1.15

Popcorn...Bad Brains (Into The Future)
Inside My Head...Bleeding Rainbows (Yeah Right)
Weight Of Love...Gliss (Single)
Lazarus...David Byrne & St. Vincent (Love This Giant)
Howl...Beware Of Darkness (Self Titled)


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