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New music from TV ON THE RADIO!!!

May 15, 2013 -- 10:04am

It looks like TV ON THE RADIO have been doing a bit of "woodshedding" and have come up with a few fresh ones. The band played this past weekend at the All Tomorrow's Party Festival in the UK and played a new song "Mercy" during the set. If you are a fan of their song "Wolf Like Me" you will really dig "Mercy". The band says they are working on stuff for a new album, but no real timeline has been set for it's release.

TV ON THE RADIO split with their label Interscope after the release of the 2011 album "Nine Types Of Light", so any future releases will more than likely come out on band member Dave Sitek's label Federal Prism. Check out the new song filmed by a concert goer below.

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