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New NIN video...Yes Please

Jun 28, 2013 -- 4:25pm

It didn't take Trent Reznor to long to decide to start up NIN again. The new album "Hesitation Marks" will be out soon and NIN will be on the road, making a stop in Raleigh on Oct. 21. The new album has a few suprize guests including Pino Palindino who plays bass with The Who and Lindsey Buckingham...yeah, the guy from "What's Up With That" on SNL, who also did the theme song for National Lampoon's "Vacation"...oh yeah, he's in some band called Fleetwood Mac too. 

The new video for "Came Back Haunted" is now out and was directed by David Lynch. Reznor has worked with Lynch before as music supervisor his film "Lost Highway". So here it is. 

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