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Should you still buy CD's???

Jul 05, 2013 -- 11:35am

So, do you still buy CD's? I hope you aren't stealing music....sure "everyone does it", but that doesn't make it cool. But do you prefer CD's to downloads? It's no seret that I'm a big vinyl guy...I LOVE MY RECORDS, but I still have a soft spot for my CD's. I remember the first one I ever bought. Talking Heads "Little Creatures" 

The thing is, you are seeing less and less CD's in stores now. Sure "larger" cities still have some record/CD shops, but those are getting few and far between. We are lucky enough to have a great used store here in Myrtle Beach, Kilgor Trouts but if you want an album right when it comes out, they are becoming harder and harder to find without having to order it. Last time I was in Best Buy I noticed how small the CD section has become. 

Well, if you are saying to yourself "Mase...why should I still buy CD's?". The fine folks at have put together a list of the TOP 10 reasons to still buy CD's. Find out what they are RIGHT HERE!!!

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