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15 Books Every Punk Needs To Read

Jul 29, 2013 -- 3:45pm

This might come as a surprise...but I can read. I don't do it a lot, but I am able to. Thing is, for the most part I only read "Big Dumb Rock Books". So I was pretty stoked to see the list of "15 Books Every Punk Should Read". I was even happier when I realized I already own and have read 3 of them. Sure there are a number of books that I feel like should be on the list, but aren't. For example Bob Mould's book (best one I have read in a LONG time) and Cheetah Chrome from The Dead Boys book (which I'm in the middle of now). 

Anyway, that being said the folks over at have put together a fine list of 15 books. Like I said, I'm 3 books in, so why not finish it off. Check out the list here

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