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The Flight Test 10.07.2013 & KZQ New Music Bonanza

Oct 08, 2013 -- 2:56pm

Another week of fine Rock 'N Roll for me. No I didn't make it to ACL...someday. I did however see Sigur Ros last week and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club this past Sunday, both in Charleston. 

OK...Sigur Ros...I'm not sure what that was, but it was AWESOME!!! I really don't know much of their stuff and I totally can't understand what they sing, but they are amazing live. The show was general admission (yet in a theater, which was odd), so I did what I always do and got a seat as close as I could. Little did I know that is NOT the place to sit for one of their shows. They aren't the most exciting band to see play, but they have some pretty damn cool visuals going on. So after a few songs I moved to the back and proceeded to have my mind blown. If you saw them at Bonnaroo or some other festival and just didn't get it, you need to see them in a dark place with comfortable seats, so give it another try  if you get the chance. 

Then this past Sunday I went back to Charleston to see BRMC. I had never seen them, which was a surprise to me too and they were even better than I thought they would be. Although I have to say, I really pictured the show being in Black & White for some reason. So about half way through the show all the power goes out. Emergency lights come and after a minute or two someone came out and said that the power was out on the entire block. Someone hit a pole or something. So does BRMC end the show? Hell no!!! They come out with acoustics, tell everyone to be quiet and played an acoustic set with no PA. Of course there were a handful of douchbags who couldn't keep quiet and a handful of people being as loud as they were going "ssshhhhhh", but the band played on. 

Maybe the best part of the show was when one drunk fratboy tried to start a fight with a guy. He did the whole "let's take this outside...I'll mess you up" thing. That's when the guy he was trying to fight said "Hey man, the band will be done in 30 min. or so, let's wait until they finish and then I'll go outside and kick your ass". Classic!

Last night was the first "new" show I have done in a couple of weeks so if I didn't get to you band/song it's because I have A LOT of stuff to get to. I'll do my best to make it happen next week. 
The Perfect Life (Feat. Wayne Coyne)...Moby (Innocents)
Mono...My Jerusalem (Preachers)
Opening for Electric Six at Cat's Cradle on Oct 14.
All Who Remain...Beware Of Darkness (Live & KZQ)
I Will...Sebadoh (Defend Yourself)
Hate Paper Doll...Husker Du (Flip Your Wig)
What Goes Boom...PIXIES (EP1)
Waiting...Dismemberment Plan
I'm Not The Loving Kind...Mark Lanegan (Imitations) 
Hate The Taste...Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Specter At The Feast)
Isjaki...Sigur Ros 
Saw them last week...Not sure what it was, but it was AWESOME!!!
Kerosene...Crush Distance
Let's Drink Some Beer...Gang Green (Drop The Needle)
Wayside...Scratch (Drop The Needle)
Joke's On You...Smegma & The Nunz (Drop The Needle)
Mercy...TV On The Radio (Single)
Seven Nights, Seven Days...The Fratellis (We Need Medicine)
Game Theory...Lolita Nation (1987)
Kenneth...What's The Frequency?
Not Because You Can
The Real Shelia
Pervert In The Sun...Iggy Pop w/ The Trolls (Skull Ring)
Harpoons...SISU (Blood Tears)
Down In The Shadows...INVSN (Self Titled)
Hi Lo (Live)...IAMDYNAMITE (Live From The KZQ Lounge In Brain McKenzie's Music Factory)
Love Hurt Bleed...Gary Numan (Splinter-Songs From A Broken Mind)

Make It Up...The Blow (Self Titled)

Let Go...OKTA LOGUE (Tales Of Transit City)

Any Weather...Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (Unvarnished)

Smartphone...The Bayonets (Single)
Loud Like Love...Placebo (Title Track)
Okay...Holy Ghosts! 
KKK Took My Baby Away...Ramones (Pleasant Dreams)
Seven Nights, Seven Days - The Fratelli's
Spotlight - Legues
Hell & Back - The Airborne Toxic Event
Climbing Walls - Strange Talk
Black Heart - STP
High School Lover - Cayucas
Mercy - TV On The Radio
Surprise - Filter
The Wire - Haim
Another Is Waiting - The Avett Brothers
Hate The Taste - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Damage - Jimmy Eat World

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