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The Flight Test 11.11.2013 & KZQ New Music Bonanza

Nov 13, 2013 -- 9:45am
How goes it?
Not sure how I did it, but I somehow lived to be this ripe old age without ever getting a massage until the other day. I know, I know...I'm an idiot. It was just one of those things that I thought, "sure, I'll do that at some point". Well, it finally happened and I am a new person and possibly 3 inches taller. I have been having some minor back issues and last time I was at the Dr. I mentioned it (thinking I might get some such luck). He suggested I get a massage. Well, if it's Dr.'s orders who am I to say no. So I wake up the other day and and finally made the call. 
Of course every guy that I have told about it have all said the same thing "Was it a dude?" Yes...his name is Juan and he is from Bermuda and he is one of the greatest people I have ever meet. So if you one of those guys like me hasn't had one yet...don't be a chump...make it happen. You will never spend better money!!! Except maybe on movers and a vasectomy, those are also money well spent. 
Oh yeah, besides that I was lucky enough to see Young The Giant play a very small, dare I say intimate show. Their new album comes out in Jan. and the stuff they played from it sounds awesome! When they do their "real" tour in Feb. make a point to see them if you can. 
The Flight Test 11.11.2013
Rooker Ship...Albert Hammond Jr. (AHJ EP)
We Exist...Arcade Fire (Reflektor)
Lost Weekend...The So So Glows (Blowoff)
Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy)...David Bowie (The Next Day)
California Uber Allles...Dead Kennedys (Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetalbes)

Try This At Home (Acoustic)...Frank Turner (7")
Playing tonight in Charleston at The Music Farm
Let Go...Okta Logue...(Tales Of The Transit City)
Drones...Nantes (Begins Being)
So Far...Cults (Static)
Thunder Clatter...Wild Cub (Youth)
Bubble Gum...Kevin Devin & The Goddamn Band (Bubblegum)
Same As You...Western Scene (Self Titled)
Forget Me Knots...Heathers (Kingdom)
Broken Heart...Dr. Dog (B Room)
IZ Rite...Beady Eye (BE)
Dumb Luck...We Are Scientists (Buisness Casual) 
AV The Walk (Acoustic)...The Cure (Greatest Hits)
All You Are Waiting For...Classix (Feat. Nancy Whang) (Hanging Garden)
Glass Candle Grenade - Debut Re-Release (1996)
Omnipotent-Just Like God
Door's Wide Open
If you didn't live in Atlanta in the mid-late 90's you probably don't know this band. That's a damn shame...good stuff. The singer Trish is now fronting a cool new thing called Tipsy In Chelsea. Check them out here.
Sleepwalking...The Chain Gang Of 1974 (Grand Theft Auto)
You Can't Be Told...Valerie June (Pushin' Against A Stone)
Obvious...Watershed (The 5th Of July)
It Can Get You Down...The Goldberg Sisters (Strangers Morning)
Afterglow...The Crooks (Hold Fast)
July...Weekend (JINX)
Teardrop Guitar...Crocodiles (Crimes Of Passion)
Fugitive Air...Of Montreal (Lousy With Sylvianbriar)
Perfect Day Elise (Live)...PJ Harvey (iTunes)
Quiet (Live)...Smashing Pumpkins (Earphoria)
Another Is Waiting - The Avett Brothers
Your Body Is A Weapon - The Wombats
Mondern Jeus - Portugal, The Man
Best Day Of My Life - American Authors
The Epilogue - Crosses
By & Down - A Perfect Circle
Seven Nights, Seven Days - The Fratelli's
Kangaroo Court - Capital Cities
Everything Is Debatable - HELLOGOODBYE
All Who Remain - Beware Of Darkness
I Believe - Basic Vacation
What Doesn't Kill You - Jake Bugg

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