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Jan 30, 2013 -- 9:49am

It's always cool to hear different versions of songs you love from the artists that did it originally.  They have to change things up so they don't get bored.  Here's the Offspring with Emily from a newer band called Dead Sara.  It nice laid back version of the song.  Check it out with a write up from Rolling Stone.

The Offspring and Dead Sara Duet on Stripped-Down 'Gone Away'
SoCal vets get a charge out of tour openers

Last fall SoCal punk luminaries the Offspring hit the road, tapping up-and-coming Los Angeles outfit Dead Sara as openers. The two bands clicked, and soon Offspring frontman Dexter Holland was looking for a way to work with Dead Sara singer Emily Armstrong: "When we started building our own set list, I realized the stripped-down version of 'Gone Away,' which we've been doing for a few years, would fit Emily's voice really well," recalls Holland. "It turned out to be a special moment in the show each night." With the help of producer Bob Rock, Armstrong and the Offspring re-recorded the Ixnay on the Hombre track. Now you can check out this exclusive video of them performing "Gone Away" at the Hollywood Palladium in October – with some extra vocal help from the audience, of course.

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