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Songs For Slim: Flight Test 12.02.2013

Dec 10, 2013 -- 12:28pm

Rockin Here Tonight

Welcome to Dec. I pictured it colder...but I do live at the beach. Some have asked and the answer is yes...yes I did run (and walk a bit...maybe a lot) an 8K on Thanksgiving morning. I did my first 5K a week ago this past Sat. and thought "how much harder can 3 more K's be?" Guess's harder. I did manage to do it in 57 minutes and once again did not come in last. Hell I didn't even have to trip that 9 year old girl again from the 5K because she was going to beat me. Not shabby. 
The strange thing is when I have told people I'm doing this more often than not I get "really???? Why? Is there a reason?" It's like everyone thinks its Dr. orders or something like that. Can't a guy just want to try to get in shape...or at least semi shape???
Anyway, last nights show was a bit different. Recently New West released the "Songs For Slim" compilation which is made up of a bunch of 7" singles that some artists released and auctioned off, with proceeds going to help Slim Dunlap of The Replacements show had a major stroke around a year and a half ago. Since there are some songs that Paul & Tommy did together (also released a 4 song cover EP with the same name). can one pick which song or 2 to play off an album with artists like Frank Black, Jeff Tweedy, Lucinda Williams and more???  You are can't. So I decided to play the entire album. Of course I had to throw in a few Mats songs as can one not? 
To get a copy of the album and other cool stuff to help Slim out just go to 
Have a great week. 
Talent Show (Live)...The Replacements
Busted Up...The Replacements (Songs For Slim)
Radio Hook World Hit...Chris Mars (Songs For Slim)
Times Like This...Steve Earle (Songs For Slim)
Anywhere Is Better Than Here (Live)...The Replacements
Isn't It...Craig Finn & Friends (Songs For Slim)
Partners In Crime...Lucinda Williams (Songs For Slim)
Nowheres Near...Tommy Keene (Songs For Slim)
Rockin' Here Tonight...The Minus 5 Feat. Curtiss A (Songs For Slim)
Cozy...Tim O'Reagan & Jim Boquist (Songs For Slim)
Ain't No Fair (In A Rock 'N' Roll Love Affair)...Jakob Dylan (Songs For Slim)
Taken On The Chin...Joe Henry (Songs For Slim)
Just For The Hell Of It...John Doe (Songs For Slim)
Everything's Coming Up Roses...The Replacements (Songs For Slim EP)
I'm Not Saying...The Replacements (Songs For Slim EP)
Can't Hardly Wait...The Replacements (Pleased To Meet Me)
From The Git Go...Deer Tick & Scott Lucas & Vanessa Carlton (Songs For Slim)
The King & Queen...Frank Black & The Suicide Commandos (Songs For Slim)
Ain't Exactly Good...You Am I (Songs For Slim)
Hate This Town...Patterson Hood & The Downtown Rumblers (Songs For Slim)
Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars...The Young Fresh Fellows (Songs For Slim)
The Ballad Of The Opening Band...Jeff Tweedy (Songs For Slim)
From The Git Go...Lucero (Songs For Slim)
Laugh It Up (It's All A Big Joke Anyway)...Peter Holsapple (Songs For Slim)
Girlfriend...John Eller (Songs For Slim)
Little Shiva's Song...Soul Asylum (Songs For Slim)
Slim's Place...The Young Fresh Fellows (Songs For Slim)
Two By Two...Bee, Louie & Brien (Songs For Slim)
When I Fall Down...Chris Mars (Songs For Slim)
Chrome Lipstick...Chan Poling (Songs For Slim)
Time Like This...Frankie Lee (Songs For Slim)
The Ballad Of The Opening Band...LP.ORG (Songs For Slim)
Love Lost...The West Saugerties Ale & Quail Club Feat. John Sebastian (Songs For Slim)
When It Began...The Replacements (All Shook Down)
Afterlife - Arcade Fire
The Epilougue - Crosses
By & Down - A Perfect Circle
We're The Kids - Parade of Lights
All You're Waiting For - Classixx
IZ RITE - Beady Eye
Seven Nights, Seven Days - The Fratelli's
Your Body Is A Weapon - The Wombats
Everything Is Debatable - HELLOGOODBYE
I Believe - Basic Vacation
Brain Cells - Maximo Park
Another Is Waiting - The Avett Brothers

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