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R.E.M.'s Mike Mills breaks the news that Letterman will retire in 2015

Apr 04, 2014 -- 1:31pm

Last night David Letterman annouced on his show that in 2015 he is going to retire. Dave has hosted "The Late Show" on CBS for 22 years and was at NBC doing "Late Night" for 11. They tape 2 shows on Thursdays, one for Thursday night and the 2nd for Friday night (4 day work week...not to bad). While taping the early show for Thursday R.E.M.'s Mike Mills and Peter Buck were playing with Josephn Aurthor who has a Lou Reed tribute album coming out. Since Dave announced his retirement during the taping, Mike decided to tweet the news. Mike said that he thought about it first, but figured there were 300 people in the audience,  most of whom have some sort of social media outlet and he wouldn't be the only one to break the news. He's probably right...but he was probably the ONLY famous person that did. Check out the videos below of Mike talking about it, the performance of "Walk On The Wild Side" and R.E.M.'s network television premire when they were on Letterman's show in 1983 all thanks to the website 

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