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If you have ever seen Will Ferrell and Chad Smith, the drummer for the Chili Peppers, they look a lot alike...a lot.  Jimmy Fallon was the first person to ever get them in the same room together and an epic drum battle broke out.  It has a conclusion I didn't see coming.  Enjoy.




Night 3 of the Foo Fighter residency was as good as the previous 2 nights. This time they played with a guy you might not know...Tony Joe White. He's a Nashville singer/songwriter who's first hit was this 1969 song, "Poke Salad Annie". I remember Elvis doing it on a live album, but I'd never heard Tony do it...especially with Foo. Check it out if you missed it last night. Also...check out what Dave says after the song about Tony. 

Also, don't forget Rick Neilson from Cheap Trick will be joining the Foo's tonight and they will more than likely be doing their new single which we will get at some point today. 


The Dirty Heads are coming to the House of Blues with AER and Pepper on July 30th. Tickets go on sale Friday May 9th through

The Dirty Heads are also releasing a new album "Sound of Change" on July 9th. Check out a teaser from the album.

Finally, I 'll be talking to Jared "Dirty J " from the band this week, it will air Friday night so don't miss it!

    For anyone curious about where The Flight Test has been for the last few weeks. I've just left it circling the airfield for awhile. Not sure wether it will run out of gas, stall and crash into the ocean or if I'll get back under control and land it safely. Onlly time will tell. Thanks for the many years of listening and hopfully it will be back up and running soon. 

    In the meantime don't forget to check out The KZQ New Music Bonanza with Crash Monday - Friday at 11pm.