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Who is Mase??? That's a very complex question with very simple answers. I was born in Greensboro, NC, but spent my "formative years" misplaced in a little nowhere town in Georgia called Perry. After graduating from high school (in a class of 42 people) I went to college at Ga. Southern in the other armpit of Georgia...Statesboro. 
My first radio experience was on our campus station, WVGS (10,000 watts). My roomate/future bandmate and I had a show together where we could do (and did) pretty much anything we wanted. Anything from playing 3 hours of nothing but Johnny Cash, The Minutemen and KISS.Our facilty advisor said our show was "sophomoric", which we thought was great since we were freshmen.
After deciding to move to Atlanta, go to Ga. State Univ., and start a band, I got out of radio...thinking "it would be way cooler to play in a band than to just play bands on the radio". I spent 12 years in Midtown Atlanta, playing drums in a few "regional" bands, sharing the stage with bands like The Ramones, The Offspring and The Foo Fighters. After releasing 3 albums with my own bands, playing on a handful of albums for others, and being involved in a lawsuit against a certain major record label, I lost the dream and decided to get out of Atlanta and move to the ocean with my best friend and the smartest person I know...My wife here I am.




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